Author Topic: How To Get More Viewers To Your Advert  (Read 48 times)

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How To Get More Viewers To Your Advert
« on: January 01, 2011, 09:41:40 am »
The simplest thing to do is just to post an advert and you are off but this wont get your ad the required exposure you need .
Wait, here are some tips to get more viewers to read your ad .

Make sure to to set up your signature after you  http :// www . moneyadvert . smfnew . com/index . php?action registercolor bluebregister with us/b/color/ .
This is a little 350 character signature/advert space which
will appear at the bottom of all your posts(threads & replies) here on this forum .

After posting your ads the next step is to start to read the
ads of other posters .  You have the opportunity to respond,
to these posts, ask questions, solicit joint ventures or just comment .
If you have set up your signature file in the profile section
your signature will get included in all your replies .  
You can put a little ad about your website or program in the
signature with the  of your website .

The cool part of responding to other people's posts is that not
only will the poster be notified of your response but they will
also see your signature .  This is additional advertising for you .

Plus all your replies, comments, and signature files are posted
on our website and indexed by the search engines .
Some people have replied to thousands of forum posts .
This gives them unbelievable amounts of free traffic .

So do not just post your ads .  Set up your signature in the
profile section and reply to other poster's ads .
You will be surprised how much you will learn as well .
You may find some valuable joint venture partners,
advertising opportunites etc .

Also make sure that you click the "Notify me of replies" checkbox when you set up new posts .  
This way you will be notified
when someone replies to your post .

And also, learn to make your advert remain on top of the topic page because it will be more exposed when in page 1 than when pushed to page 2 .  
This is done by posting a new reply(advert) to your post to get it back to the top spot each time newer posts forces your post down the rankings on the topic boards .

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