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The search for back links for our sites is a never ending quest, and some people I believe develop a disease called backlinkitis due to it .  It is very important to collect them, I agree with that a hundred and ten percent, since no matter what Google tells us it is the main way that they measure our websites worth and this in turn affects our rankings .  It gets especially stressful when your site is hanging around on the second page and is only a step away from the tops spots and the money train .

This is of course if you have first done your research and people are actually searching for the given keywords .  It is very sad and disappointing to have worked so hard and get to that number one position just to see a few clicks coming your way .  The workload is the same whether you rank high for a successful or an unsuccessful keyword, so please do keep that much in mind .

The only other way other than article marketing, which is great in my opinion, to get these back links is through social bookmarking .  It is time consuming, but does not require as much thought or effort to successfully accomplish .  It is a simple process of adding as many of your sites to as many of the social bookmarking sites as possible .  In actuality you do not have to stop there, how about adding as many pages from your websites to each bookmarking sites .  Many of us have our site designed with the main keyword, and a couple long tails pages so this is in a way a great opportunity to promote these as well .

My concern is in how many of these sites should our back links consist of .  I do not think that we will be penalized for supplementing our links with them, as long as we use other ways of bringing in high quality, and high rank links also .  What if all we have are social bookmarks and Google does see everything that we do online? This does not play out very well in my head, and usually when that happens it is time to step back and reevaluate the techniques used .

It is not that I am doing that, since I write an insane amount of articles and they make up around sixty percent of all of my links, with another ten percent coming from very high ranking do follow blogs that I have been able to locate through the years .  I worry about the people that are paying money to companies that are promising them thousands of back links in days, as that only spells out trouble in my opinion .  Google knows that this is a SEO strategy in the works, and even though they might boost your rankings in the short run that might be a quick way to get yourself de-indexed or banned .  No one really knows how many links per day is too many as well, and to seem healthy they should be coming in constantly and not drop off after a week or two .  Stay safe out there .

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