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Can Chiropractic social media and internet marketing really be automated? The last time I checked, the word "automated" was pretty much the antithesis of social in the first place .

I have seen many Chiropractic internet and social media marketing programs that claim to put your chiropractic internet marketing on auto-pilot .  Simply purchase one of these magic programs, software, or instructions with a few mouse clicks you will be set to go with an effective and fully automated social media marketing campaign for your Chiropractic practice .  Many Doctors of Chiropractic are looking for an easy solution to set and forget .  Simply run some software and wait for a flood of new Chiropractic patients .

Automated social media sounds too good to be true, right? Probably because it is .  The very definition of the word "social" eludes to an interaction between living organisms .  Would a canned, automatic, generic marketing tweet pre-scheduled on Twitter be very social? What about the same 10 or 15 wall posts or messages used automatically over and over again? Definitely not .  You simply cannot take the social out of social networking or social media .  It just isn't effective .

Overwhelming your existing and potential Chiropractic patients with repeated automatic social media marketing messages is ineffective and counterproductive .  Most of your target marketing audience you will reach with your web marketing are already wise to most of the automated tricks of the trade .  Just think how many automated telephone calls, malicious websites, and email scams most internet users have encountered in their lifetime .  Sending a few automatic and canned marketing messages their way and expecting them to respond is downright insulting .

Although many Chiropractors won't like to hear this, I'll say it anyway .  You just can't fully automate your chiropractic or internet marketing efforts .  I'm not saying you can't use programs and tools to automate small portions of your marketing, you just need to do is sparingly .  Things such as message scheduling services, automatic content generators, and auto-update tools can save a Doctor of Chiropractic a great deal of time when combined with original content .  That being said, the vast majority of chiropractic internet and social media marketing needs to be original and social in nature .  Unfortunately that requires time, effort, and human interaction .

Marketing your Chiropractic practice via the web and social media takes time .  Unfortunately you can't simply click a few buttons and have patients appearing at your door .  Chiropractic marketing has never worked this way and it never will .  Marketing and promoting a small business takes time .  You must identify your target audience, compose your message, engage your target audience, and ultimately effectively deliver your message to the people .  Once you accomplish all of that the real work begins .  You need to take action and actively monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts .

Chiropractic web and social media marketing are no different .  In many aspects, Chiropractic internet marketing is more time consuming than traditional marketing .  Effective Chiropractic internet marketing cannot be automated .  A successful Chiropractic internet marketing campaign takes a great deal of time .  Keep in mind that time does not necessarily have to be yours, but someone will need to spend at least a few hours a week in front of a computer screen .  With the instant gratification society and on demand world we live in we often expect instant results .  Technology can make a great deal of our lives and Chiropractic marketing tasks easier, but it will never be able to fully remove the human element from the equation .  The only way to fully automate your Chiropractic internet and social media marketing is to pay someone else to do it all for you .

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