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Big news .  Mark Zuckerberg recently posted his first question on Facebook .  Inquiring minds have to know what it was .  Most of us expected something clever, sarcastic but at least interesting .  Zuckerberg queried, "Does Rihanna write her own music?" What a letdown .  Seemingly trivial .

Facebook Questions launched this past summer, promoting its new ability to "tap into the collective knowledge of the more than 500 million people on Facebook . " Many expected this new app to be a powerful game changer .

If that were true, you would have expected Zuckerberg's first question to be more universally engaging .  How about, "Did you really think The Social Network was true?" or "What do you like or hate the most about Facebook?"

Which just goes to show how underutilized the Questions app is right now .  The program started as a beta test site and is being rolled out to more people over time .

Facebook's motivation for doing this makes sense .  Since so many people already use Facebook to poll their friends, it's just a natural extension that it would seek broader horizons .  It is expected to be a good thing ranking wise .  Questions is said to be syndicated for the various search engines .

Questions can be asked from a few places .  It appears in the site's left tab navigation area, and the publisher section located at the top of the page .  When you start typing questions into the search box, the site will display similar questions that have already been listed .

Yahoo! and LinkedIn have had a feature like this for a long time .  It is just new for Facebook .  Given Facebook's massive amount of users, the fact that the feature is not entirely new shouldn't matter .

Like any good marketer, they are simply duplicating a successful feature from another expert and making it their own .

So why aren't more internet marketers using Facebook Questions in their social media campaigns? It's hard to figure given the obvious benefits it can offer:

Photo Questions- Users can post pictures things they want to know more about and receive answers about their posting in quick time;
Polling- It's fast and easy to create a poll to gather date, ask more questions relative to a market service or product;
Tagging- allows you to organize your questions .  You can discover how is interested in the questions you posted and respond directly to the interested person .
Following- You can also 'follow' a question and see where the line of inquiry goes .

It is potentially another valuable means of delivering value and relevance to your prospects and showing your personal concern to and for them as a result of the types of questions you ask .

I don't know if Rihanna writes her own music .  Don't really care .  I do know that Facebook Questions could well be another very useful app to internet marketers seeking to optimize their social media internet marketing campaigns .

Do you think you will start using it in your own campaigns?
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