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No one disputes the importance of Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and other social media platforms to internet home business marketing .  They are necessary tools of the trade .  Using them correctly is a horse of different color .  Etiquette is not just for history books .  It has direct application to today's social media utilities .

Here are the 6 most important etiquette rules to avoid social media faux pas with your internet marketing campaigns:

1) Don't ignore your competition .  It's easy to keep track of competitive measures online .  Stay attuned to the activities of your competition and respond accordingly .  Use sites such as TweetBerp and Google Alerts to receive auto notifications every time your competitors are mentioned online .

2) Don't ignore what your audience is saying about you .  "The customer is always right . " This adage remains true today .  A single negative comment about you or your products or services can cause more damage than numerous glowing accolades .  Negative commentary tends to be more contagious than positive press; it is simply human nature .  If negative press should arise, respond to it right away in an upbeat, proactive manner .  Correct misinformation .  Explain .  Offer a solution .  Respond quickly .

3) Don't argue .  Your personal brand is judged not only by the fact that you are responsive to a prospect but by how you respond .  Arguing, especially in public forums, is a total no-no .  Remain professional at all costs and do not inject emotion into the controversy .  If you make a mistake, take responsibility for it and make it right .

4) Keep the promises you make .  If you make a promise on Twitter or a blog, fulfill it .  Dropping the ball in public generates bad press that, again, can go viral in the worst way .  It can become uncontainable because it is difficult, if not impossible, to monitor growing negative commentary which is what you will have to do to repair any damage .  There are better ways to spend your time online .

5) Be efficient .  Experimentation has a place in your campaign development without question .  If you're not sure where a particular site is worthwhile for your business, try it as a non-business consumer first .  If your experience is positive and useful, establish your personal brand on that site .  Don't tweet just for the sake of tweeting .  Make every word count on every platform .  Post about things that matter to you, are revealing about who you are and are helpful to your business .

6) Always be polite .  "Please" and "Thank you" are ever validating and appreciated by your prospects .  Even if a matter is frustrating or challenging, deal with it in a polite, professional manner and you will never get stung .

Avoid committing social media faux pas at all costs .  Your time is best spent on positive, productive maneuvers, not damage control .  Emily Post has arrived in 21st century media and her rules still apply to your internet marketing efforts, perhaps now more than ever before .
NEXT: Learn learn more about how to 'behave' in your social media internet marketing campaigns for optimum effect and avoid social media faux pas .  Click on the link, fill out the box and get immediate, free access to training videos, especially #2 and #3, that will show you how to do it right .

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