Author Topic: Social bookmarking is of great help to the internet marketers . The Web 2 . 0 trend  (Read 6 times)

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Social bookmarking is of great help to the internet marketers .  The Web 2 . 0 trend is the hottest happening in the web media .  However, the concept of social bookmarking is very old and the market has understood the potential only now .  Internet marketers should understand the potential of bookmarking sites that will help them to gain good amount of traffic .  This process is nothing but marking a particular website as a favorite one in the browser and is solely used for personal views .  Social bookmarking is the very next step where individuals can share their links with each other and is done via various services .

The ultimate objective is to exchange similar kinds of links among a group of people .  For example, if I love music, I might have some links bookmarked and I can exchange it with fellow members in the community and share the knowledge .  In the same way, I learn a lot from my friends when they give their favorite links .  Online bookmarking websites are very popular and there is a great probability of your site popping up in the top ten searches .  This gives better visibility to your website as they will be easily crawled by Google bots .

They also help in getting quality incoming links that will help in increasing the page rank .  The site will be ranked higher if the group exchanges valuable information among them .  Make sure you submit your site to a quality submission site that will help in internet marketing and reap the benefits .

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