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In Successful Internet Marketing Social Networking must now play a large role .  Just consider the facts Facebook has just surpassed Google in terms of the number of daily visitors .  If we leave these potential customers out of our Marketing Plans then we are making a grave mistake .  The internet has some 15 to 20 billion sites and it is estimated to be about 30% new at any time so by this time next year it will probably be 30 to 35 billion sites .

In this marketplace where visitors tire and move on after approximately 3 clicks we need to be holding their attention and grabbing our visitors from literally everywhere that we can .  The essence of Internet Marketing is to set up signposts that point to our articles that point to our landing page and then to our site or affiliate link .  In each phase we must be holding the interest of our visitor and building the interest level towards the final call to action .

The starting points for this process are possibly Email, Off web advertisement, On-Line Directories, or Social Networking sites .  It really does not matter where we derive our traffic, but derive it we must .  It seems to me that given the explosive growth in the Social Media sites we can not afford to ignore them and they must now play a major role in our strategies going forward .

It is relatively easy to obtain accounts at most of these sites and they provide the double benefits of providing a back link to your site from your profile and the ability to post links in your posts .  These links can be to your articles, your landing page, your affiliate link or your web site .  You can choose whichever suits your purpose, be careful not to spam .  Read the rules and terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you are always in compliance with them .  In this way your sites will not be banned and thereby wreck your potential business .

If you are using Firefox as your browser there is a great add-on called Add This, which will allow you to add anything that you are browsing to most of the major Social Networking sites .  This is a great tool to have for any Internet Marketer .

Summing up we have seen that in Successful Internet Marketing Social Networking can not be ignored and that properly used it will give us the double benefit of a back link from our profile and the ability to link directly from our posts .  The neat thing is that we can avoid spam by targeting specifically those members who have expressed similar interests .

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