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Since the internet is a developing communication and social media, more people are beginning to realize the importance of it and bringing in their business online .  Internet marketing has assisted in increasing the number of clients in many sites .  This is because it makes a business visible at international level .  In addition, it helps in improving page ranking of a site .  There are a number of online marketing strategies available online .  One of them is social bookmarking service .

Social bookmarking services provides back link to your site from various sites .  All you need to do is identifying a site that is dealing with contents similar to yours .  When clients in the site want alternative place to look for solutions, they will click on the link to your site .  This will help in increasing the visibility of it .

Some people make a mistake of thinking that when they have numerous back links, their sites will receive high page ranking .  This is not automatic as the visibility of your site to the search engines is not only dependent on the number of link backs it already has .

Your site will be more visible when your link is coming from an already highly ranked page .  In addition, when other sites with high page ranking have link backs from your site, it will also have more visibility .  Since highly visible pages are mostly favored by search engines, social bookmarking them is recommended .  You will benefit from their traffic juice and in turn your site will increase its popularity .

Manual social bookmarking service is the best since a person can determine pages that are well recognized by search robots .  Software is a poor way of putting the back links since some search engines will classify them as spam .  This will not help in your internet marketing well .  Link building using social media has helped a lot of businesses to rise .

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