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The best internet marketing strategy plans are becoming more reliant on social media and bookmarking promotions .  The most important aspect of any internet marketing plan is deriving traffic to your quality content .  Having all the knowledge in the world on a particular subject and spending a lot of time crafting a great series of articles, does you no good if you don't have any eyeballs seeing it .

This is where social and bookmarking networks become valuable and should be a major part of any traffic blueprint for your online endeavors .  The best part of this marketing strategy is that traffic that you generate is highly targeted .  People are seeking you out and it comes at little or no cost .

Social media in general is the online equivalent of the old standard face to face networking .  In traditional networking your main purpose is to meet people who can provide you opportunities to meet new people to expand your centers of influence .  Through give and take you are able to impress others of your competence and knowledge, while building a mutual relationship by providing value .

Online networking is no different than any other type of traditional marketing other than it is done on a grander scale .  Your universe of people in a specific group is much larger .  People who find your articles valuable tend to look forward to read you, as well as recommend you to others because they perceive value in what you have to say .

Unlike a traditional marketing strategy your time is not limited to just a handful of groups that you can become involved in .  There are literally thousands of different social networks with different variations of demographics that one article or video can be broadcast to .

The best strategic internet marketing plan must include social and bookmarking promotion .  Social networks are a great, free way to get traffic to your online business or blog .  The price you pay for this traffic is your time which can be rewarded greatly by people who spread your content virally throughout the internet .  Usually those who are active in the social network will visit their groups regularly in the same manor that a person offline will go to the corner coffee shop to see what is happening in the neighborhood .

If you consistently follow this marketing tactic of providing valuable information, these social media groups you will then become a familiar and trusted source .  That is why "Marketing" through Social Media and Bookmarking Network Promotion should be your prime focus of your Internet Marketing Strategy Plan .

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