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It would have been intriguing for you, as a teenager, to see how different social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc work .  After growing up and getting into some real Internet Marketing stint, you might not be bothered so much about these websites .  I must tell you then, that you are making a mistake; you cannot even imagine how many people have benefited by marketing their websites using these social networking sites .  It is a normal practice by smart online marketers to open accounts on these social networking websites, after it became apparent that there are lot of possibilities to make good money online using these sites .

If asked by any online marketing expert, this strategy of marketing using social networking sites would be rated as the coolest and easiest method to advertise and sell services or products online .  Let us try to find out how it goes for marketers growing ambitious and joining these networking sites to start their marketing campaign .  
The target market is identified in Social Networking site, abbreviated as SNS, and different plans are devised for attracting them .  Let us suppose you are a dealer of different sport equipments and teenagers are your target audience; then you can go for developing certain web applications like games, and other tailored tools for making teenagers relate to your product .  Keep in mind, that the first step involves popularizing the applications only after which you can gradually convince them into buying your products .
A fan page is developed and necessary activities are done to ensure that people who like the pages are following every activity of yours .  The motivation is to make the target audience feel your presence and make them aware of what you are up to .  Some marketers prefer to make the fan page interactive by making the community to interact via different means like chat box, forum etc .  It is important that you are spending time to answer the questions raised by your followers .
While doing all this, it should be made sure that you are not crossing or going against the T&C (terms & conditions) laid down by these sites .  You should never involve in any aggressive strategy, whatsoever, for belittling the products or services of your competitors .  You should always maintain an adorable image in front of your audience .

If you follow the above given strategies, you can definitely make effective and productive presence in SNS .

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