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One easy and effective method of building links to your site, promoting your services online and generating traffic is using social book marking sites .

These types of sites allow you to create a profile and compile lists of your favorite web sites with comments and reviews .  Popular social book marking sites include, Digg, Reddit, Mixx, Fark, Friendfeed, Newsvine, Propeller and many others .  Simply conduct a search for "social bookmarks" and you will find lists of many others .

A few of the most important elements of your posts to these sites are the headline, description and category .

Write a compelling and catchy headline for your submissions, something that will help it stand out from the crowd .  Instead of "How to save money on a car purchase" try something like .  "Why settle for that broken down clunker?"

Write a thoughtful description of whatever it is you're book-marking .  Many people make the mistake of writing a simple one line description .  The description is a great place to use search friendly keywords and you should be using this to you're advantage .

Choose the right categories for your book-marks .  Spend a bit of time determining which categories on a social book-marking site receive the most interest and posts .  You could be missing a boost in traffic by simply selecting the wrong category to place your bookmarks .

I suggest that you start out with one or two of these sites and get used to using them .  Familiarize yourself with the site's guidelines and terms and conditions and avoid spamming these sites with useless advertising .  Instead, use these sites to help build your network, position yourself as a source of valuable content and news .  Find information that relates to your industry or niche and write reviews about the sites that you find most valuable .  That's not say that you can't promote your own work, you certainly can and should, just remember to offer more than just self promotion .

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