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Social media marketing is now a necessity among online entrepreneurs and businesses .  If you have a business online and you don't have a social media strategy, then you are being left behind by your peers and competitors .  Getting involved with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are no longer a choice .  You have to get involved or you will lose .  Facebook currently has more than half a billion registered users .  This fact alone should be more than reason enough for you to market your business on social networking sites .  That half billion users are for Facebook alone .  Imagine what your business can reach if you use other networking sites like Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare, Gowalla and others .

It can be very complicated however, going through all your accounts and profiles around social media sites most especially if your business is a fairly large one .  It can be very time-consuming to update the accounts and feed new content into them .  This is where a marketing manager in social media strategy comes in .  Such marketing manager will see to it that the business is maximizing its efforts in building an online presence and reputation .

The following are the responsibilities of a marketing manager in social media strategy .

1) First, with the help of a team if there is one, he must identify the social media sites where they are going to build their presence .  There are hundreds of social media sites out there and it would be impractical to try and create a profile in all of them .  Besides, some sites are focused towards a niche or a topic so joining them will also depend on the niche of your business .

2) Plan and create the social media strategies to be used .  There has to be a plan and a set of goals that the business is going to target .  The marketing manager must have a clear idea on where he is taking the business in terms of an online presence .

3) He must ensure that the content of the business website is optimized both for search engine visibility as well as user navigability and experience .

4) He is in charge of developing an email marketing strategy .  This includes the collection of email addresses through a variety of means .  An email list is very important since it's one of the ways of effectively updating your customers about news, new releases or new products in your business inventory .

5) The marketing manager also oversees the newsletter services of the business .  A newsletter contains information, old and new, that the business wants to impart to its subscribers .

Make sure that the marketing manager you hire understands all of the above responsibilities and that he can do all of them .  Before you hire anyone, however, see to it that he has the experience and the marketing skills to get his jobs done .  Normally, an online marketing manager must have at least a bachelor's degree in business administration with specialties in marketing .  The most ideal applicants are those who have years of experience in the field of online marketing .

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