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Gone are the days when advertisers and marketers can only rely on traditional media to create a buzz around their brands and products .  The growing competition and a battle to succeed in all industries, the need of the day is to reach out to your target audience in all media and platforms .  The internet is one of the most popular medium to target customers and Social Media Marketing is precisely the need of the day .

Known as a form of internet marketing, social media marketing refers to the collective efforts of marketing and promoting a website or business by using a plethora of social media channels like social networks, blogs, forums, social book grading, online communities as well as social media sharing tools .

Facebook is a well known and extremely popular social networking website that allows you to connect with people all around the world, no matter where they may .  Irrespective of whether you want to market and promote yourself or your business, Facebook offers you stunning opportunity to gain exposure absolutely no cost .

Twitter is a free social media, networking and micro blogging service that allows individuals and companies to market themselves by contacting & connecting thousands of people online .  And all that needs to be done to accomplish the task is to answer a simple question - 'what's going on?

LinkedIn is a platform that provides professionals the opportunity to maintain their professional profile and contact other professionals in their own and other fields .  At present, over 50 million professionals use LinkedIn to contact each other and exchange information and opportunities in the professional front .

StumbleUpon provides a platform for sharing personal recommendations on stories, photos, videos and more help to discover the best on the web .

Launched in 2005, YouTube is a video hosting and sharing website that allows users to upload their videos and share it with the rest of the world .  YouTube is a social networking tool that has gained popularity over the years .

As is clear from the name itself, MySpace actually refers to a free personal web page can contain information about you, your life and your business .

Squidoo is an increasing and popular publishing platform where users can publish content on the subject of their interest in the pages known as lenses .

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