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I am beginning a series of tutorials on HTML, the language that makes websites possible .  This is the first part of my series .  Enjoy, and leave any questions in the comments!

What does HTML stand for? Hyper Text Markup Language

Ok, now we've got that out of the way .  The first thing you need to know is how to make an HTML file .  Easy!

If you are on Windows, go to Start > Accessories > Notepad .  Open Notepad, then click File > Save As .  .  .  and type a name to save it as (e . g website) .  At the end of the name include the extension . html so the name looks like website . html .  Now, click the Save As Type dropdown menu and select "All files" .  Then save .

If you are on a Mac, use TextEdit .  Open it by either searching it in Spotlight, or going to Finder > Applications > TextEdit .  Open it, go to Preferences and make it Plain Text instead of Rich Text .  Go to File > Save As .  .  . , type a name, and select Web Page ( . html) from the File Format dropdown .

That's all there is to it! Your file is now ready to be made into a website! To view it in the browser (although there is currently nothing to view), just right-click the file, open with your favorite browser .

Ok, now onto the coding! First off: In HTML, everything is made up of tags .  Tags consist of and everything in between .  For example, the opening tag for an HTML file is .  The closing tag is the same, except it has a forward slash in front of the word: .  You always begin and end HTML documents with the opening and closing tags .  Now, between those tags, put in the head tag .  It's the same as the html tag, except with the word "head" instead of "html":

The head of your website is where you will put your websites title, and any files your website requires to run .  We will get into most of that later; for now, let's just put in the title .  Insert the title tag (I hope you've figured out how to do this by now) and close it .

Now, between the title tags, add a title for your website e . g: My First Website

Now for the content .  Beneath the closing head tag, make the body tag, opening and closing: .  The body of your site is where all of the content that people see goes (the title only appears in the title-bar of browsers) .

If you want to insert text into the body, use the paragraph tag with your text between the opening and closing tag .

Save your work, and view the site the way I mentioned above .

To add text beneath that paragraph, simply add the paragraph tags again, along with the text inside .

That's all for today's tutorial .  By now you should know how to: Create an HTML file, add the site title, and add simple text-content .  Come back to see our next tutorials!

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