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A well-designed company website brings online presence to an organization .  If a website is designed carefully, it can effectively present the personality of the company .  There are two kinds of websites created and published on the Internet .  One is HTML and the other is Flash design .  A veteran designer can incorporate both the designs to create a visually appealing site .

The full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language .  A Hyper Text Markup Language is the basic and standard format for designing the websites .  Other programming languages that work in conjunction with HTML are JavaScript, . xml, . asp and much more .  The HTML is one of the early programming languages developed .  It is supported by all the browsers on any kind of system .  This is a coding language of the web which is text rich .  In other words, you can create plain and simple websites using this programming language .  The advantage of utilizing HTML is that the web pages can be downloaded easily as they are plain text .  There is another advantage of designing the web pages with Hyper Text Markup Language .  The website becomes search engine friendly .  The search engine robots are able to read only text of the web pages .  Therefore, you can include keywords in the text of your web pages .  The appropriate use of keywords makes the website search engine friendly .  Consequently, your company site receives a higher page ranking and you receive more web traffic .  This promotes the online presence of an organization .

Flash is a technology used to create the websites on the Internet .  It is a platform that can make the sites attractive and interactive .  A designer is equipped with an ability to integrate videos or animation in the web pages .  Nowadays many browsers support this technology .  However, the challenge lies in it becoming a search engine friendly tool .  Even if you use text in it, it cannot be crawled by the search engines .  However, you can overcome this challenge by brilliantly amalgamating HTML and flash together .  On one hand, it makes your site interactive and impressive and on the other hand, your site becomes search engine friendly .

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