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Designing your new website can be daunting: layouts, colors, fonts, sizes, alignment etc .  If you are writing your own code, you can either write it in a text editor such as Notepad and save the file as " . HTML" or use an HTML editor to design your website .

Most experts type the code into a plain text editor for their website .  Or, if you are not as confident with just typing out the code for your website, an HTML editor is easier as it allows you to view the design progress as you are going - and see how your website will look .  Adobe Dreamweaver is the most popular HTML editor .  It will set you back $399 USD, but it is well worth it, as you will be able to build very professional looking websites .

An alternative is Coffeecup .  It costs $49 USD, and is easy to use but not as high quality as Adobe Dreamweaver .  There is some free HTML software out there, such as Nvu or Komposer .  But they are missing a lot of features that Adobe Dreamweaver has .

Now, if all this HTML talk is getting a bit too confusing, you may want to go with an online website builder .  There are plenty of free website builders that allow you to design your own unique site easily! And the great thing is that you don't need to know any HTML coding or have any web developing experience .

A really good website builder is Synthesite .  They have a drag an drop tool that allows you to design your own website very easily .  There is no code to create, and you can see your design instantly .

SBI is arguable the best website builder on the web .  Not only does it have all of the tools you need to design your own website, it coaches you and guides you on how you can make money with your website .  It is extremely user friendly and pretty much ensures that your website will be extremely successful and more importantly, profitable!

Both beginners and experts think that SBI is a great website builder that enables the user to design a professional looking website without all of the stress of HTML coding .

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